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a reverie of water, 2007
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as a young girl growing up on the california coast, my first creative medium was an internal one: the daydream, the vision... i also gathered and assembled small objects for private pleasure.

since then, i have found media that allow me to continue my explorations while engaging more directly with the outer world: the written word, the photograph, the vessel, the digital image, the web, and the inter-media possibilities of conceptual art... 

my journey has led me along many interesting paths. i have learned, worked, and taught in studios and classrooms, and have studied visual art within the academic disciplines of anthropology, archaeology, art history, and art therapy. i've engaged in conversations with artists in their homes, studios, and offices... traveled to maya villages in belize to study and document traditional pottery-making... and experienced art, exhibited work, and curated exhibitions in art galleries and other art spaces.

i am deeply engaged with web-based and new media art, and look forward to future online collaborations and curatorial projects.

for me, art is perhaps primarily an inner alchemy. as i learned during my childhood, the rich matrix of the soul offers fertile ground for exploration. 

jeanne figueira grossetti
akron, ohio, usa

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