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a journey, for the buddha project exhibition, 2004 [about]


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about a journey: created for the buddha project exhibition in 2004, this work represents the journey
of the heart, and consists of the residues of an unfired porcelain vessel and tea crystals, which were
placed on a hand-hewn 1920s era railroad tie installed in the courtyard of west shore unitarian
universalist church in rocky river, ohio. the installation sat in place, exposed to the elements, for
five weeks. this photo was taken toward the end of the exhibition.

the following text accompanied the piece:

altar: a hand-hewn railroad tie - memento of comunal voyages during which
individual lives merge into a rhythmic flow of humanity...

vessel: an unfired porcelain bowl - reminder of impermanence, holding its shape
and contents only briefly before dissolving in the inevitable fall of rain...

offering: a few crystals of tea - once liquid and green, now solid and amber...
a meditation on the possibility of transformation.

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