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for all souls, in memory of memento mori exhibition, 2009 [about]


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about for all souls: five small vessels which once held flowers and flower seeds in a temporary
shrine sit above the waters of a sweet flowing creek, catching drops of rain. i wished to honor the little
vessels, and the memories that they have held for me through the years.

the vessels were originally part of shrine, an installation which was part of the exhibition memento
: artists grapple with issues of war and peace at the cleveland state university art gallery in
cleveland, ohio, in 2005. to honor the impermanence of the installation, i did not take photos of shrine.
the following text accompanied the installation:


"a place associated with or containing memorabilia of a particular revered person or thing... a casket
containing sacred relics; a reliquary... a niche or enclosure containing a religious statue or other object"

*dedicated to all souls*

for memento mori...

...this communal shrine and the offerings it contains, and will contain... arrangement of flowers, designed by an anonymous artist...

...bowls and jars of flowers brought in from gardens... to leave offerings, place mementos, write messages...

...a chair and an invitation to sit, breathe, and reflect...


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