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this vessel holds small pieces of golden flax paper as part of an interactive installation which premiered during the members' invitational exhibition at the jungian association art gallery in columbus, ohio (january 16 - march 26, 2016), and also traveled to maple heights (ohio) high school and notre dame college (south euclid, ohio) during 2016. the next venue is yet unknown.

during the exhibitions and presentations, participants inscribed words or symbols onto the pieces of flax paper, then placed them into a larger vessel to mingle with others. inscriptions collected during each installation serve as inspiration for poems created by participants in the next.

inscriptions from each group of participants can be experienced in a random play of word/symbol images, on the scribere project blog.

visitors to the project blog are encouragted to submit original poems created from the (constantly changing) inscriptions via the moderated comment field found below each post.

may all travelers find joy*


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may all travelers find joy!